25 Bookish Facts About Me Tag

Hey, everyone! I’m currently working on a post about my experience attending MCM London Comic Con for the first time in 2 years so I decided to do a bookish tag instead. Here’s 25 Bookish Facts About Me!! (Unfortunately, I have no idea who started this tag!)

  1. I hated reading as a child.
  2. I didn’t start reading Harry Potter until this year (please don’t kill me, lol).
  3. Well I used to be a Slytherin but we don’t talk about that book series anymore…
  4. My favourite place to read is on the train.
  5. My favourite series is William Hussey’s Witchfinder series. You’ve probably never heard of it but I’m hoping to re-read them soon and write a review.
  6. My favourite genre is historical fiction.
  7. I don’t read contemporary fiction.
  8. I have a Bookstagram!! Follow me here.
  9. I prefer to read paperbacks instead of hardbacks.
  10. I don’t read/like eBooks.
  11. I can only listen to an audio book if it’s nonfiction.
  12. I can walk around a book shop for hours and walk out without buying a book (because I like the atmosphere and I’m indecisive).
  13. I love comic books.
  14. My favourite comic book author is Gerard Way (author of Umbrella Academy and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys).
  15. My favourite comic book artist is Amanda Conner.
  16. My favourite author is Victoria (V.E.) Schwab.
  17. My favourite V.E. Schwab book is Vicious (and you should read it too!)
  18. I love writing and creating my own worlds but I have no ambition to become a published author.
  19. I prefer to buy books from a shop instead of ordering them online.
  20. Despite being called Alice I have never read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  21. I give book recommendations to strangers in book shops, sometimes even the staff!
  22. I read more than one book at the time even though I probably shouldn’t because I always end up prioritising one book over the others.
  23. I never listen to music while I read.
  24. I “deface” my books, so I dog-ear the pages and write in my books. Fight me!
  25. If I see a cover I like I’ll read a few pages to see if I want to buy the book but I never buy books based off the cover alone.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this super quick post, let me know if you’ve done this tag or if you’ll do it in the future.

A x

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