[Review] Expanded Companion Guide: World of Linaria Part 1 by L.L. McNeil

Last night I stayed up until 2:30am so I could finish reading Moroda by L.L. McNeil and I’ve been exhausted all day because of it! No regrets though as it was fantastic! I’ll be posting a full review sometime this week but I wanted to give some love to the amazing World of Linaria series by writing a little review for the Expanded Companion Guide! ❤

I asked my Bookstagram followers if they liked companion guides and most said no! 😱 Honestly I was a bit shocked, but after reading everyone’s explanations I can understand why. Sometimes companions or extra content for a series can be quite pointless. I’ve read some where nothing new is added or they’re just really bland. The whole point of them is to celebrate the world or even excite the reader enough to reread the original story again. Thankfully this guide isn’t like that and is actually really good!

This guide is such a wonderful addition to the World of Linaria series! With detailed character profiles and dedicated sections for magic, history and lore its a must have for fans of the series!

I believe glossaries are a definite MUST for any epic fantasy series and the one provided in this guide has been so useful during my read through of Moroda and I’m sure will be well used as I explore the rest of the world in Palom and Amarah (Books 2 & 3). I also love all the character art included and how it helps to brings the world to life!

You can tell McNeil cares for this companion just as much as her novels and she’s spent plently of her time on making it useful to the reader. Pretty much every named or relevant character has beautiful character art and a brief but detailed info on who they are and their motovations. The lore and magic sections towards the back of the companion have been really useful to be as a quick refresher and reference for the more important details on Linaria.

Overall I’m very glad I picked this up and would recommend it to anyone who loves the series!

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