[Review] The Hunger Games

I haven’t reread The Hunger Games since I first read it in March 2012, finishing it just a few days before the release of the first film. I absolutely adored this series when I first read it at age 14 and was completely obsessed with it pretty much until the release of the final film in 2015. I owned so much merch. I had t-shirts, necklaces, all the mockingjay pins and even a District 12 belt buckle!

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Brief bit of infomation for those that have never read or maybe heard of this series: The Hunger Games (2008) is a dystopian YA novels from author Suzanne Collins, followed by the releases of Catching Fire (2009) and Mockingjay (2010) in the following years. The series went on to sell millions of copies around the world and was adapted into 4 major feature films by Lionsgate, the first released in 2012 and each year until the final film in 2015.

With the upcoming release of prequel novel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, I decided to read through the trilogy again so I could fully emerce myself in the world of Panem and to see if I still love the series as much as I used to.


Luckily I do! I’ve just finished reading the first novel, The Hunger Games, and I loved it as much as I had 8 years ago. The pacing is wonderful and it took a quite a bit of self dicipline not to stay up all night and read it in one sitting. It’s hard to put into words the feel the book gives me, it just really resonates with me. I love how the world building is in this book, though after reading it again I’ve noticed that the world view develops a lot more in the second and third book. I like how information is given to the reader little by little and throughout the story, so the reader continues to be interested in the world without being overwhelmed by a giant info dump.

There were a couple things I picked up that I didn’t like as much, which I either didn’t notice the first time or just forgot about completely. Katniss literally has no feelings towards Gale in this book; she even says as much. Her feelings towards Peeta are a bit more complicated, though still not romantic in nature, even at the end of the book. I think in Katniss’s mind Peeta was District 12; being the familiar face in the chaos she had just been thrown into and the essence of life in Discrict 12: survival. She views him as the key to her survival, like all those years before outside the bakery but nothing more (at the end of this book at least). I’ve always disliked how the romance was interjecked into this story, in particular the love triangle. 🙄 I don’t quite remember how this developed in the second novel, so will have to update my feelings on this once I read Catching Fire.

I noticed something in the text that doesn’t impact the story but was just a bit weird. The plastic sheet Katniss has from the beginning of the games is descriped as “blue plastic” on page 390, even though it’s only described as “plastic” or “plastic sheet” up until this point. 

Overall I was very happy with my second read through of The Hunger Games! I was really worried I wouldn’t like it nearly as much as 14 year old me did. My original rating on Goodreads was 5/5⭐, but now I think it’s a 4/5⭐ for me as I didn’t like how the introduction of the romance/love triangle was done.

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(4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐)

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