[Review] The Citrine Key (Dragon Spirits #0.5) – L.L. MacRae

A thief, an ice dragon and an ancient artefact? Yes, please! This was a wonderful novella, jampacked with action and adventure. Definitely worth a read if you’re thinking of picking up the first book in the Dragon Spirits series next year. I’m super excited and looking forward to it!

The Citrine Key is available for free by signing up to L.L. MacRae’s email list.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A stolen artefact.

An ancient dragon.

One man’s final chance.

Life-long thief Apollo Tamlin has been marked for execution. When the mage Queen Surayo offers him a pardon, he doesn’t ask questions – any task she has is better than a walk to the gallows.

Succeed, and not only will it preserve peace in his homeland, but Apollo can rebuild the life he’s ruined.

Sent to a distant continent to feed a stolen artefact to an ancient and powerful dragon spirit sounds simple, but things quickly start going wrong. His companions are not what they seem, the dragon would rather eat him, and the artefact displays its own magic – throwing the entire mission into peril.

Note: L.L. MacRae has previously published her World of Linaria and Kouzlo Saga series under her maiden name L.L. McNeil.

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