[Pre-order announcement] The Iron Crown – Dragon Spirits Book 1 by L.L. MacRae

Calling all fantasy fans! THE IRON CROWN – the first instalment in L.L. MacRae’s newest fantasy trilogy is nearly upon us!

World of Linaria author L.L. MacRae (previously published under L.L. McNeil) is back with her brand new epic fantasy trilogy: Dragon Spirits. THE IRON CROWN is the first instalment and is expected to be released 28 May 2021 with both Kindle and physical copies available to pre-order now! Enquiring adventurers can visit the realm of Tassar in THE CITRINE KEY – a free prequel novella available by signing up to L.L. MacRae’s mailing list.

I’ve already pre-ordered a signed paperback through MacRae’s website (linked below) and absolutely cannot wait to experience this new series. The fantasy world she built in the World of Linaria series is fantastic and based on the introduction we got to Tassar in The Citrine Key this series is very much a step up in both worldbuilding and storytelling. Fantasy readers who love dragons, ancient magic and dysfunctional adventurers (my personal favourites) should definitely check out The Iron Crown this coming summer!

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Conqueror queen and supreme ruler of the Porsenthian Empire, Surayo, has waged war against any who oppose her. With a powerful dragon spirit at her side, she is unstoppable on the field of battle, and has claimed almost the entirety of Tassar for herself.

Her team of Inquisitors keep her enemies at bay and her people in line, and the Myr have suffered most of all at the hand of the ruthless Iron Crown.

Fenn is lost, caught on the edge of a war-torn country, with no memory of how he got there. Surrounded by vengeful spirits, rising magic, and Surayo’s Master Inquisitor on his tail, Fenn’s desperate attempt to find his way home might well alter the fate of Tassar, and every power in it.

*The Iron Crown synopsis by L.L. MacRae.

CLICK HERE to purchase The WORLD OF LINARIA series by L.L. MacRae (published under L.L. McNeil)

CLICK HERE to purchase THE KOUZLO SAGA by L.L. MacRae (published under L.L. McNeil)

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